You have a great business (idea) and you wish to pitch it to a larger community to get feedback, inspiration and/or support in taking the next step. That's exactly what Venture Café's Pitch Night is all about, so sign up to pitch now!

Whether you are about to start your journey as an entrepreneur or whether you are already well under way, testing your idea and talking about it with others is essential to your success. Venture Café Rotterdam is here for you to make serendipitous encounters happen today!

Grab the virtual mic on March 25th, and let's together see what the future holds! The format is 3 minutes of pitching along with 3 slides.

For sure Pitch Night will:
・Offer the opportunity to pitch your business idea so get supporters involved, or let this be the first step of your journey!
・Provide an opportunity to get feedback, comments and ideas from experienced members of the innovation community and the audience.
・At the same time, for those who are joining to listen to the pitches, provide an opportunity to hear about new innovations, ideas and meet the talented individuals behind them!

Application Deadline for pitching at Pitch Night Spring 2021
・Application deadline: Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 5 pm CET
・Profile of pitchers: Anyone at any stage of their career who thinks to get value out of this pitch session is most welcome to apply.

In case of many applications, Venture Café Rotterdam will select pitchers.

Prepare for your pitch!
To support you in getting the most out of your pitch we will be offering a Pitch Clinic on Thursday March 18th or March 25th during the day. Stay tuned for the details!

About Venture Café Rotterdam
Venture Café is a non-profit organization and part of the Venture Cafe Global Institute and the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Venture Café is the place in Rotterdam where startups, corporates, talent, government and investors are connected to stimulate innovation and growth. Every Thursday between 16:00-19:00h at our central location at Groot Handelsgebouw we host the largest innovation community gathering in The Netherlands. Pre-corona we used to receive 300+ visitors every week, for now all of our programming is offered online. Every Thursday Venture Café offers freely accessible programs and an environment for "serendipitous encounters" to happen.

Venture Café Rotterdam is part of a global network with locations in the U.S.A., Asia, Oceania and Europe.

March 25, 2021