Join this Pitch Night to win the Grand Prize: three months of co-working at CIC Rotterdam!


This Pitch Night marks the end of our Venture School program, to build a company within 8-weeks during the summer of 2022.


This week the participants (and others with an awesome idea) will come and pitch in front of our expert jury to get a chance at winning the Grand Prize.


You will get to pitch in front of our expert jury and a small audience. Plus: you get to know more about the great work of some colleague-entrepreneurs!


You will present your business to our panel of experts, and they will determine who will win the prize. This prize will go to the entrepreneur who is, according to our jury, working on a promising business!


Your Pitch

  • You get 3 minutes to pitch your business, and the jury members get 3 minutes to ask you questions.
  • Slides are allowed, there is a tv screen present but note that slides should not contain a lot of text and serve the sole purpose to support your story
  • Hand outs for jury members are allowed
  • The jury will be judging your business on the innovativeness of your idea, your value proposition, business model and market size plus overall potential (the final pitch criteria will be sent to you after registering to pitch).


Meet your Jury Members: 

Moderation by: Venture Café Rotterdam


How to sign-up to pitch?

Please only register for this event if you wish to pitch yourself (so not if you are joining to listen)! You can do this via the pre-register button on this page. We have max. 6 pitch spots, so we may need to make a selection depending on how many of you decide to sign up.


Want to be in the audience but not pitch yourself?

Then please do not sign up for this event, but reserve a spot right away by pre-registering to our Innovators Lounge here!


About CIC Rotterdam

CIC Rotterdam offers flexible and dedicated coworking desks, team day packages and private offices from 1 to 20+ person capacity. Each of these workspaces are rented out on 30 day lease terms, even our private offices! CIC Rotterdam is conveniently located next to Rotterdam’s Central Train station, 20 minutes from Schiphol and only a few hours away from Europe’s major business hubs. Besides that, all of our workspaces come with unmetered access to all facilities such as 35 meeting rooms, fully stocked kitchens, community events and blazing fast internet.

September 1, 2022