Venture Café Rotterdam is starting live webinars during the summer period!

Starting July 2nd, 2020, every other Thursday, a well-known member of our community will be interviewed by Anoesjka Imambaks, Venture Café's Executive Director, to discuss subjects that concern entrepreneurship and/or are close to our heart.

Guest for Live Webinar of July 30rd: Chantelle Rodgers, director at Music Matters
This week we are featuring: Chantelle Rodgers is the director at Music Matters, an organization that provides music education and talent development of children and young (aspiring) musicians in Rotterdam. 

She is also the founder and chairman of IXL Sickle Cell Awareness. This organization works to increase awareness and strives to improve the position of people with sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease is a hereditary blood disease that mainly affects people of color and especially black people. Equality is a precondition for achieving excellence (with or without illness, with or without musical parents or financial wealth). Resilience comes into play when you take health for granted. Join this interactive discussion and learn about Chantelle's vision on equity

During this session, there will be a cocktail demo by our bar lead, Daniel Manusama. He will create a special cocktail inspired by our guest speaker.

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As physical gatherings are slowly starting up according to the latest government regulations, we're happy to open up Venture Café with a limited number of participants and 1.5-meter social distancing. With these regulations, we'll be having hybrid events where you can tune into live webinars from the comfort of your home or join us in the Venture Café!

If you want to be a part of our live audience in the Venture Cafe, you can get your ticket here. A ticket is required since we have limited space. Be on time and, if you can't make it, let us know! Then we can pass on your ticket to one of our guests on the waiting list.

If you didn't get a ticket, you could sign up for the waiting list. If a ticket becomes available, you will be contacted automatically with further instructions on how to purchase your ticket. No further action is required.



July 30, 2020
Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!