This week we are hosting a live webinar with Lars Crama. Lars will be interviewed by Venture Café's Executive Director Anoesjka Imambaks.

About Lars Crama
This week we are featuring: Lars Crama, Managing Director at InnovatorsInc, and Private Lead for Up!Rotterdam, also Chief Ambassador for Upstream Festival. Lars helps bold leaders grow future proof businesses. Prior to joining Arches Capital and founding Innovators Inc., Lars scaled a company from 30 to 300 employees; launched a Fortune 500 venture into Europe; built a circular economy incubator and advised 100+ corporate executive teams and 250+ ventures. Today, as Private Lead of Up!Rotterdam, Lars connects and strengthens initiatives to provide Rotterdam based scale-ups with easier access to talent, international markets and financing. Unlock your FREE ticket to the Upstream Festival (21-25 September) today, where Lars will be hosting several sessions.

During this discussion the subjects of sustainable growth and thé innovation festival of Rotterdam, Upstream Festival, will surely be discussed. Join this interactive discussion and learn about Lars' vision on topics such as  building innovation  ecosystems,  circularity  and making  serendipitous  connections!Lars Crama (@larscrama) | Twitter

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September 10, 2020