How do you stay creative and persistent with your craft during a pandemic?
How do you explore the affordances of reaching your audience digitally while creating beautiful music?

This week we are hosting a live webinar with MS.ABA (aka Augustina Austin),¬†music artist and¬†owner¬†of a brand & communications consulting agency focused on African and Diaspora markets. MS.ABA will be interviewed by Venture Café‚Äôs Executive Director Anoesjka Imambaks.

Join MS.ABA, singer-songwriter, radio personality and communications expert as she explores your creative opportunities during this pandemic.

During this personal talk, Anoesjka and MS.ABA will touch upon Augustina's personal story and her branding & communication company as well as her creative career as an artist. Also they will talk about doing business in/with Ghana √°nd releasing an album during a crisis.

About MS.ABA
MS.ABA (also known as Augustina Austin) is a multi-faceted entertainer: music artist, an award-winning radio-personality/broadcaster, speaker and communication & brand strategist.

MS.ABA works as a music artist, independent presenter, voice-over artist and broadcaster. You can listen to her every Sunday from 7pm (CET) on Hiradio on her weekly show: Africa on Focus, a radio show aimed to promote entrepreneurship and success stories to African Millennials. Africa on Focus the Podcast, the recap of the radio show is available on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes. When she is not presenting, MS.ABA is performing between the Netherlands and Ghana as a music artist.

December 3, 2020
Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!