*Special Liberation Day Edition*

To honor Liberation Day in the Netherlands we will walk a part of the “Fire Line Route” through Rotterdam. A line that marks the fires as a result of the bombings during WWII. We will talk about the meaning of Liberation Day and the history of our beautiful city. Meeting point: in front of Lebkov at Stationsplein.

Would you like to make some connections with the innovation community during your lunch break? In need of some serendipitous connections? Looking for a shot of vitamin D and exercise? We have a great solution!

We regularly host a walk through the vibrant city of Rotterdam. Together we discover points of interest in the innovation ecosystem of Rotterdam, all whilst connecting with likeminded people and whilst increasing your step count.

Please pre-register via this page and add this walk to your calendar. Let’s connect, walk & share!

Meeting point: Lebkov & Sons at Stationsplein, at a corner of Groot Handelsgebouw.

May 4, 2023