Today marks a special day for Venture Café and the City of Rotterdam. Today Venture Café is proud to announce that we will be the "SDG House" for the City of Rotterdam!

A SDG House is a hotspot in a city for events focused on sustainability and entrepreneurship. A place where people come together who have a common wish to achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The goal is to create a network of SDG Houses all over the world.

We are now joining the SDG House and SDG Nederland family. This new role seamlessly suits our mission and is thereby further strengthening our focus on the SDGs, which have been at the core of our programs for several years now.

At this opening, we will tell you more about the SDG network in The Netherlands and why Rotterdam is so excited to have its own SDG House. You can expect contributions by:

At 6pm several Rotterdam-based entrepreneurs and startups offering sustainable solutions will be taking the stage during this Break Out session.

Venture Café Rotterdam SDG house launch 29-sept-2022.jpeg

September 29, 2022