On schedule today is our first Crypto Café brought to you in collaboration with Icoinic Capital! This session will take place physically at Venture Café Rotterdam.

This Crypto Café is for anyone interested in crypto (either newly or experts) and/or would like to understand more about the crypto ecosystem, its challenges and opportunities.

This first Crypto Café will be all about the fundamentals of cryptocurrency ecosystem, we will touch upon:

  • Where do cryptocurrencies find their origins?
  • What is the regulatory framework of crypto, and can it even be regulated?
  • How does crypto fit within the wider financial ecosystem?
  • What are the geopolitical changes that come with crypto?
  • Which coins are “solid” and which are not, and how do you identify them?

The session will kick-off with a word of welcome and a 30-min introduction into the crypto ecosystem and todays subjects by Icoinic Capital team members.

Afterwards the "Café part" starts: there are discussion tables to chat about today’s subjects and statements with other crypto enthusiasts. At a fixed interval we will switch around table participants so everyone gets to chat with as many visitors as possible, all at social distance of course.

After the session you are most welcome to stay to continue to network with other visitors of Venture Café's Thursday Gathering, of which this session is part (ends at 19:00h).

September 16, 2021