NB This session takes place physically at our home base. It is scheduled inside of the Network Area, and is therefore only accessible when showing the CoronaCheckApp+ID. Sign-up not required, but of course we'd love to know if you are coming!

On schedule today is the second Crypto Café brought to you in collaboration with Icoinic Capital!

This Crypto Café is for anyone interested in crypto (either newly or experts) and/or would like to understand more about the crypto ecosystem, its challenges and opportunities.

This Crypto Café will build upon the first edition, when we touched on the fundamentals of cryptocurrency ecosystem. This time we will talk about the Evolution of Cryptocurrencies. Which coins to choose and how? What are the differences between cryptocurrencies and how they are built?

The session will kick-off with a word of welcome and a 30-min introduction into today's subjects by Icoinic Capital's CEO Wilhelm Roth and Account Manager Institutional Investors Samara Hegeman.

Afterwards the "Café part" starts: there is the opportunity to chat about today’s subjects and statements with other crypto enthusiasts. We might switch around table participants so everyone gets to chat with as many visitors as possible.

After the session you are most welcome to stay to continue to network with other visitors of Venture Café's Thursday Gathering, of which this session is part (ends at 19:00h).

October 21, 2021