(sign up before Dec 1st, event on Dec 3rd - application required)

It is time to take off on a journey towards a better future. 🚀

Garage48, Startup Wise Guys, and the U.S. Embassies in Tallinn, Copenhagen, Vilnius and Riga have gotten together to crush the crisis and build a stronger, more resilient and trusted post-crisis economy. To support that goal, join us in an online global hackathon from December 3 to 6, 2020.

48 for the Future is calling all designers, developers, marketeers, visionaries and field experts to take part in this online global hackathon and build innovative solutions that’ll SHAPE THE FUTURE. 

There is so much to tackle and overcome as the future lies ahead of you to shape it; especially following the impact of global health and the economic crisis. 🤯¬† Education, work, healthcare, economy, entertainment sector, tourism industry, SMEs, media and online networks - the future of how we exist and operate is waiting for your ideas and actions! 🙌

Join us, submit your idea (via link above), let’s crush this crisis together at the @48 for the Future Hackathon!

More info here and here.

Hacking the Post-Crisis Economy
The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the world’s economic landscape, changing everything from where people work to how they consume. Communities will put forward real and pressing economic challenges they are facing – and creative problem-solvers around the world will have a chance to team up online over 48 hours to design innovative solutions. Help to build a stronger post-crisis economy and join the 48 for the Future hackathon!

Garage48 online hackathon includes hands-on expert mentoring, inspiring keynote speakers, checkpoints, demo drills, intense teamwork, creativity, and resourcefulness == all will be key elements in building working prototypes in just 48 hours.
Help build economic solutions and resilience.
Solve a problem that COVID-19 has created.
Play a vital role in the global start-up scene – get noticed and become an influencer!
Jump on board with your own challenges and participants.
Use the marketing opportunities the hackathon synergy creates.
Create new and innovative ways for collaboration.

December 3, 2020