Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur looking to grow your network of like-minded entrepreneurs?
… Let's connect to help each other achieve our most pressing goals.
… Let's support each other on the most important projects we are working on.

Who is WIN Mastermind and why is this event:

Let's create that more beautiful world together.

WIN Mastermind is a network of Givers - because we understand we are all ONE. We start every relationship on a basis of trust and we create an environment of support and encouragement. We see each other’s greatness and believe in each other’s ability to change the world.
This event is designed to connect you to the right people for your business right now. We all share our network, knowledge and resources, so that we all make a bigger positive impact faster. This is your weekly dose of inspiration, connection, growth and thinking out of the box and acting out of love and abundance.

In this special edition of Round table Networking you will:

- Learn how to ask the right questions so you can get the right support from the right people.
- Participate in Round table Networking (in smaller groups)
- Find out how joining the WIN Mastermind community can help you to achieve your goals and grow your business

Which strategic askings do you currently have for your business?

Are you looking for your Dream Partner, new leads, a specific solution to a challenge, feedback on a new product or service…?

Imagine what it means for your business when someone in the room:
- Connects you to a dream partner
- Knows a solution to your biggest business problem
- Introduces you to your ideal client

And vice versa: how amazing will it feel when you give support to your purpose-driven peers… inspirational people who make a real positive impact in the world?

Agenda for the evening:

Opening by Gustavo Rego, WIN Community leader Rotterdam.

Round table networking (in smaller groups):

Each person gets to be in the "spotlight", so you can ask the group to support you with whatever you want.

WIN Mastermind:

What is it and how can you become a part of the community?
Networking & Socializing

Our promise is simple: after this event you will have connected with one or more new valuable business contacts.

Welcome to a new era in business. Welcome to the era of community and cooperation.


January 23, 2020