The world thinks it is waiting for a restart, when in fact there is exponential innovation taking place all around us, the benefit of which we cannot yet completely measure. Because necessity is the mother of invention, and the events industry aspires to resilience, what we have witnessed is the near-sudden shift from designing events for live participation which engages all senses, to engaging with a virtual delegate on a virtual platform for the sake of preserving the sense of being connected.

Rotterdam is a city of innovation & experimentation where we welcome exciting new developments which impact our daily lives. During this session we will spotlight the innovative approach of one of our partners, Postillion Hotels, in collaboration with RauwCC, a true-blue Rotterdam creative agency specializing in innovating social media to help us achieve meaningful data-driven connections.

Postillion Hotels is not only a bastion of Dutch hospitality, but is an international frontrunner in the field of applying tech solutions to operational challenges, whose AI staff member (otherwise known as Michiel) is proof of how to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence within a live team. The collaboration of Postillion and RauwCC in a new cutting edge medium will be showcased.

The world of the virtual human has given the Netherlands, (and Rotterdam!) our first ever virtual ambassador: Introducing Esther Olofsson. And in order to make sure we all have the tools to either use or appreciate this correctly, the science behind it will be explained by the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

The session will seek to inspire you by showcasing creative solutions which will set the tone for what the future of our industry will look like, in the age of COVID and beyond. Rotterdam is a high-value congress & event destination thanks to the city’s innovative character and role as a connector which translates to real solutions for our industry.

Co-host: Catherine Kalamidas, Account Manager, Rotterdam Partners
Guests: Maarten Reijgersberg (RauwCC), Erik-Jan Ginjaar (Postillion) & Lotte Willemsen (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Company Description
Rotterdam is a young, dynamic metropolis, known internationally as the ‘gateway to Europe’. The Port of Rotterdam is the hub of Europe’s greatest maritime cluster and energy industry, and our knowledge cluster at Erasmus University and Erasmus Medical Center are at the cutting edge of life sciences & health. Thanks to our strategic position, we are literally connected with the rest of the world, just 26 minutes from a major international airport, and access by high-speed, often non-stop train from the UK, France, Belgium & Germany. As a city, we offer everything: a city centre where meeting venues, hotels, restaurants and attractions are within walking distance of each other.

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November 5, 2020