A lot is different this year, but there is one thing we don’t want to change… and that is giving you and your family a warm welcome to your new hometown Rotterdam.

This event is especially for new expats coming to the Rotterdam region. Since the event is virtually this year, your family abroad is also very welcome to join and learn more about your new hometown.

In the first part Rotterdam Expat Centre will show you how to tap into all this potential that Rotterdam offers you and your family. You will learn more about Rotterdam, the Dutch culture and its habits. In the second part you get the opportunity to meet and network virtually with fellow expats and expat communities. In the final part you may decide to follow additional workshops whereby experts share more on topics such as the Dutch health system, Dutch tax system or give tips how to start your career in The Netherlands as a spouse.

16:30: Plenary part
17:30: Networking with fellow expats & Expert workshops
19:00: End

Info Tables:

  • Several tables to virtually meet fellow expats
  • Walking & Talking
    With Walking and Talking, you learn and practice the Dutch language in a non-fail environment. No classrooms, no obligations, just real talks. Exactly how we do it in real life. Would you like to practice your Dutch and meet new people? Come by our info table! More info here.
  • NLCares
    NL Cares brings people from different backgrounds together in Rotterdam. Would you like to do flexible volunteer work in Rotterdam? Then visit our info table. More info here.
  • Expats in Rotterdam support group
    Our mission is to create a community of expats in Rotterdam and to support each other during the integration process. We know how difficult it can be to find friends in a new country or how frustrating the job hunting process can be, so we want to lift each other up and hopefully create strong bonds over time. More info here.
  • International Women Networking Group
    This group is for International Women in Rotterdam who are looking for support and opportunities to collaborate and socialize with other professional women. More info here.
  • Adams Multilingual Recruitment
    Get practical tips and tricks on job hunting in the Netherlands! More info here.

Expert Workshops:

17:30–18:15 Break Out: Job hunting in the Netherlands - Adams Multilingual Recruitment

18:00–19:00 Break Out: Tax Workshop - Pryme Mobility

18:00–19:00 Break Out: Virtual Taste of Dance Therapy to Feel at Home - Irene Anggreeni

18:30–19:15 Break Out: The Dutch health care system explained - Healthcare for internationals (H4i)

About Rotterdam Expat Centre
Education, career, health care, housing, taxes… setting up a business or working for a company abroad comes with many challenges on a variety of issues. Trying to find the answers and solutions can take a lot of time, effort and stamina. Rotterdam Expat Centre is the specialized one stop shop for international businesses and expats who are looking for services and information about working and living in Rotterdam.

November 26, 2020