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Climate change and also the COVID-19 pandemic bring up the importance of developing resilient cities and infrastructures. In the United States, billions of dollars have been spent on resiliency efforts, yet hundreds of thousands of people have passed away with upwards of 20 million people at risk of eviction.

This session will examine the role of urban planning and infrastructure governance in creating resilient cities, insights into Japan’s approach to the natural disasters recovery, such as earthquake, tsunami, and flood which Japan recently faced and tackle for, and resilient cities development for the better normal. In addition, case studies of how technologies can be utilized for developing resilient cities and also how government and organization can support creating a business for disaster prevention would be shared by Sendai city working on this area, as examples of "BOSAI-TECH" and activity with the United Nations, then discuss how we can implement them to the US and globally.


  • Carla Mays / Co-Founder and Head of Research, #SmartCohort
    Carla Mays (she/her) is a San Francisco, CA-based Smart Infrastructure & Disaster Mitigation Mega Regional Planner & Researcher and an alum of San Francisco State University and UC Berkeley. She has been recognized by the California State Legislature, Alumna Next City Vanguard, Global Climate Action Summit Delegate, and Singularity Global Impact Scholars for addressing equitable future city planning, fiscal viability, risk mitigation, emergency management, operations and maintenance for long-term smart city and climate adaptive projects, infrastructure, and investments. Co-founder of #SmartCohort with Miami-Dade County, Florida Millennial Policy Commissioner & Board Chair, David Capelli. #SmartCohort was founded by Mays & Capelli during her 2016 tenure as a Singularity Global Impact Scholar researching “Equity and the Dystopian effect of American Smart Cities.” Mays recently presented her capstone as a 2020 Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) Fellow on “Why Equity & Representation is critical in Clean Energy COVID-19 World.”
  • David Capelli / Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, #SmartCohort
    David Capelli (He/him) is Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships for #SmartCohort, a global research organization based out of the UC Berkeley Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) Foundry that helps enable equitable and disaster resilient regions through action research, curated programs and regional capacity building. Capelli serves as Chairman of the Miami-Dade County Millennial Policy Board, is a World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shaper, and was a 2018 Global Climate Action Summit Delegate.
  • Takashi Kamikura / Director, City of Sendai Economic Affairs Industry Promotion Section
    Joined Sendai City Office in 1996. Takashi experienced in ICT human resource development, business improvement in the agency, finance section chief accountant, subway Tozai line construction headquarters, board of education secretariat. He is currently working on for integrating the new industry creation measures of Sendai City through the formation of innovation cities and collaboration with overseas cities.
  • Osamu Arakida / Assistant Director, City of Sendai Economic Affairs Industry Promotion Section
    Experienced as a manager of the production management department at a semiconductor company until March 2010. Osamu has joined Sendai City Office since April 2010 and experienced in in-bound and business management of the corporate bureau, and currently taking charge of supporting regional ICT companies.

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September 17, 2020