Businesses must have processes in place… snore! How boring! Process management is a critical function for businesses to get right. Louisa will share some examples as well as some ideas for how to develop good process management.

About Louisa Stewart
Louisa is co-Director of Blue Ninja Business Support, a partnership that focusses on process and project management. A professional administrator, Louisa has had years of experience in developing processes for International NGOs and businesses, starting an international grants programme from scratch and supporting small businesses to set up good processes and procedures.

She supports teams to get the best out of their business management through their 4 Ninja’s – Process management, project management, virtual administration and business reporting. If you would like to find out more please check out our website blueninja.eu. Coming soon Start-up Ninja – providing tools and structure to set up excellent business foundations.

About Blue Ninja Business Support
Blue Ninja Business Support is an innovative company based in The Netherlands working internationally with English speaking businesses to apply best practice to virtual business management.

Our mission is to help businesses reach their growth and profit potential while simplifying their working lives.

Using our expertise we deliver bespoke services and aim to streamline operations and improve time consuming tasks to optimize working practices.

October 15, 2020