The end of Venture School is near! Over the past weeks, participants of our Venture School have been working hard with mentors and experts from our community to transform their ideas into businesses or to further grow their existing business. And we are very excited to hear about these businesses and the steps the participants have taken during the Venture School track! That's what will happen during this week’s Pitch Night!

Are you a Venture School participant? Then pitch at our Pitch Night!

Since we continue to follow RIVM government COVID-19 regulations, we are doing most of the pitches online. But we also have limited spots available for you to pitch from Venture Café‚Äôs home base in Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam! You get to pitch in front of our Jury and afterward meet some of the other entrepreneurs. If you are going to join us at our physical cafe, we only allow 2 members of the team to pitch. We don‚Äôt have a maximum amount for the online pitches, but please consider the limited time available as well as technicalities of pitching with multiple people online.¬†

You will present your business to our panel of experts, and they will determine who will win the prize of the most promising venture formed during the summer! You get 2 minutes to pitch your idea, and our experts get 3 minutes to ask you questions. Since these minutes are very precious, we are scheduling a pitch practice (more info will be available soon). So that you can make the most out of these 2 minutes.

The jury will be judging your business on the innovativeness of your idea, your business model, and market size. And of course, they will want to know about the steps you have taken during summer 2020!

And just to remind you: the winner will be receiving a coworking spot for one month at CIC Rotterdam!

  • Panel of Experts:
    • Tony de Bree, Consultant & Coach
    • Andres Campo, BuildUpcamp
    • Johan Laffra, KVK
    • Joyce Kornet, CIC Rotterdam
  • Introduction by:
    • Anoesjka Imambaks, Venture Café Rotterdam



Pitchers: we kindly ask you to sign up for the Pitch Night using this link. If you are a team, please select the number of tickets that you need for your organization.

Visitors: you are most welcome to support the pitchers online during the session! You can log-in for the session from the comfort of their home via https://venturecaferotterdam.org/virtual/.

About Venture Café's Venture School
This session is part of the “Venture School”-track offered by Venture Café Rotterdam during summer 2020, where participants get to learn about key elements so they are able to build a venture in 9-weeks time. Find out more about this program here and sign up here if you plan to join the entire 9-week Venture School program. When you follow the entire track you may be offered access to mentors and a certificate of participation.
The freely accessible Venture School program starts on Thursday July 2nd and runs every Thursday until August 27th. Also have a look at Venture Café's other summer program offerings here.

Sessions are free of charge, since innovation should be accessible for all. Your donation is however much appreciated. This way you keep our platform alive and contribute to the innovation ecosystem directly.

August 20, 2020