You might have seen the billboards in the city talking about next level businesses, initiatives and entrepreneurs. We hope they have inspired you to ask yourself; what makes a next level entrepreneur?

For us, a next level entrepreneur is someone who works towards fairer, more sustainable and more impactful business practices without compromising on creativity, quality or enjoyment. Next level businesses work with people with a distance to the labour market, by training them on the job. They work on tasty food concepts using residual flows. They upcycle, reinvent and repurpose used materials. They generate great societal and environmental impact, without depleting human or natural resources. During the Impact Days from the 19th till the 21st of November, we celebrate these businesses and initiatives. Follow The Impact Days on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for more next level entrepreneurship and inspiration for your holiday shopping spree!

If you would like to find out how you can join their ranks and generate more impact as an entrepreneur, start-up or social initiative, tune in to our panel discussion to find out how you can create and measure your impact. We have invited some of the experts in this field to give you more insight into social entrepreneurship, circular economies and ecosystem management. Join us for an insightful discussion on impactful change.

Panel members:

  • Anoesjka Imambaks: Executive Director Venture Cafe Rotterdam
  • Social Entrepreneur Annelies van der Vorm: Chairperson of the Raad Voor Goed and entrepreneur
  • Niels Braamse: Sales & Partner Manager at BlueCity
  • Roel Lutkenhaus: Digital Action Researcher and Founder at New Momentum
  • Moderator: Han van Nieuwaal, Partner Thrive Institute

About Voor Goed//Rotterdam Impact Agency
Voor Goed is a foundation that contributes to solutions for social issues in Rotterdam. We create new coalitions (eg. social entrepreneurs, corporates, municipality investors, funds) and together work towards solving social issues like poverty and unemployment.