Erasmus Enterprise & Venture Café Rotterdam are teaming up to bring you a special event on “The Future of Quantum Tech” on August 25th from 4:00-6:00pm!


During this vibrant event we aim to get you properly introduced to the quantum technology and get you inspired about the possibilities it offers.


About this session

At this plenary opening key players and experts will demystify quantum tech for us, provide updates on the status of the technology, why NL is investing in it heavily and also show the applications and opportunities it offers to society.


Afterwards you can join several break out sessions to deep-dive into specific applications. These sessions are hosted by subject experts such as QuTech, Quantum.Amsterdam, SingleQuantum and Amazon Web Services.


You can find all sessions as part of the program of August 25th here.


Please note that by pre-registering to this event your sign-up details will also be shared with co-organizer Erasmus Enterprise.

August 25, 2022