Our health and care have various challenges. The number of people with a chronic disease is increasing, while our population is ageing. If policy remains unchanged, we will soon lack the required people and resources. In the coming years, a broad public-private coalition will work on a change in policy and practice, with an eye for economic opportunities. This is done on the basis of five inspiring, ambitious missions as formulated by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and its partners.

We can only realize these missions if we join forces and if we continue to focus on the common goal. Carmen van Vilsteren, chair of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, will be providing a keynote.

About Health~Holland, Top Sector Life Sciences & Health
Top Sector LSH is one of the nine top sectors that drives the competitive position of the Netherlands in the global market. It enables public and private partners to provide world-leading innovative solutions in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical technology, diagnostics, vaccinations, digital care solutions and healthcare infrastructure.

December 12, 2019