The Municipality of Rotterdam, Municipality of Utrecht, Municipality of Amsterdam and Buy Social are organizing the Online Buy Social XL Event as part of the national campaign The Impact Days. Purchasing from social enterprises by companies, governments and consumers is one of the central themes.

Buy Social; especially now!
The corona crisis is hitting society hard. And it is becoming increasingly clear that things must be done differently: more social, more sustainable and more local; especially now!
Social enterprises show that this is possible. They put their social mission first and create innovative solutions and deliver valuable products and services with a focus on people and the environment. Money is not a main goal, but a means to create social value. Think of companies such as Sococo, I-did and Fairphone.

Program outline

  • VoorGoed Agency will open the event in Rotterdam style and call on the business community to take action and use their purchasing power for a better Holland: ‘Niet lullen, maar poetsen! (Dutch saying, freely translated: ‘No talking, but working!');
  • A best practice of a purchasing organization and a social enterprise that together make impact;
  • Video pitches of social enterprises from Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht, a unique opportunity to get to know leaders from all over the country;
  • Online matching: explore collaboration opportunities with social entrepreneurs during in-depth 1-on-1 conversations.

About Voor Goed//Rotterdam Impact Agency
Voor Goed is a foundation that contributes to solutions for social issues in Rotterdam. We create new coalitions (eg. social entrepreneurs, corporates, municipality investors, funds) and together work towards solving social issues like poverty and unemployment.

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