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Performance Coaching is now available at CIC and Venture Café Rotterdam! Reach your goal(s) within 3-6 months, personal or business-wise!

Socrates wrote: “I cannot teach anybody anything – I can only make them think”. ‘Making people think’ is a core principle of Performance Coaching, where it is referred to as the principle of self-directed learning. Coaches and coaching managers encourage this approach by asking the type of questions which direct the coachee’s focus inward.

Why work with Erik?

In the summer of 2019, Erik Wellen has completed a Performance Coaching training course in London, UK. The programme which uses the GROW model has been set up by people who used to work with Sir Richard Branson.

The GROW model was developed by Sir John Whitmore (1937-2017) in conjunction with colleagues in the 1980s and disseminated through his book ‘Coaching for Performance’ (Whitmore 2019), first published in 1992 and now in its 25th edition having been translated into 20 languages. GROW provides a framework for a coaching session, a conversation, a meeting or a project and is the best known coaching model in the world today.

Erik’s approach

  • Introduction: During this complimentary session at CIC, we get to know each other, you can share your goals and I will introduce further.
  • Goal Setting: Once your goal or goals have been set, we could plan our first session and subsequent sessions for 3-6 month period.
  • Subsequent Sessions: Each session follows the same format, always ends with SMART actions for you to work on.

Special offer! Erik is in the process of getting his ICF accreditation, he therefore needs to log pro bono (done) as well as paid coaching hours. If you today find that there is a click and a mutual wish to get into a coaching trajectory, additional sessions could be booked for a symbolic amount of 10 EUR per hour. First come, first served!

August 4, 2022
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