Rotterdam is abound with great initiatives and parties eager to contribute to a more pleasant and attractive city. Are you a social entrepreneur, impact investor or in other ways engaged in doing good in Rotterdam? Meet one of our match makers! And seek out opportunities to make more sustainable impact.

If you are looking for ways to scale up your impact or realize your ambitions, look no further. Book a slot during our office hours so we can explore how Voor Goed can help you achieve those goals.

Rotterdam is a city of two tales; on the one hand Rotterdam is extremely popular and flourishing, attracting new entrepreneurs, businesses and academics to the city. On the other hand Rotterdam and its population still face poverty and unemployment.

Luckily, we are a city rich in good initiatives, entrepreneurs and foundations that can and will contribute towards solutions for these social issues. Voor Goed helps these parties find one another and supports their collaborative efforts to do good.

About Voor Goed//Rotterdam Impact Agency
Voor Goed is a foundation that contributes to solutions for social issues in Rotterdam. We create new coalitions (eg. social entrepreneurs, corporates, municipality investors, funds) and together work towards solving social issues like poverty and unemployment.

March 11, 2021