Are you considering making your work environment more green and productive? Would you like to discuss this with an expert? Ingrid Ackermans is a designer of edible city landscapes. With Plukr she develops, designs and creates cutting gardens in public spaces and work environments.

Plukr creates edible work landscapes for and together with employees. These cutting gardens are spaces where employees can meet each other, find inspiration and enjoy an environment that is both peaceful and lively in their own workplace.

A green environment has positive effects on our health, stimulates creativity and collaboration, enhances our sense of happiness and also provides a very fresh and delicious harvest.

Would you like to experience Plukr for yourself? Would you like to further explore ways in which edible plants can add value in and around your work environment? If so, please sign up.

More from Plukr

In April we organise a Break Out at IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs. They have had a cutting garden in their office space for the last two years. In June we organise a Break Out in the city garden R’Munt. Date and time to be discussed. Yes, I would like to know more about Plukr. I would like to get an invite for a tour of the city garden R’Munt.


About Plukr

Creating your own edible work environment together. You and your colleagues will be able to participate in cultivation and harvest workshops.  We develop, design, make and maintain urban, edible landscapes. We have experience with outdoor, indoor and rooftop gardens.  In this way we create a healthier and more sustainable environment together. 

Plukr is a part of R’Munt. R’Munt creates green space for the city, together with fellow citizens. This social enterprise focuses on green city development by means of inspirational events, educational programs and developing green talent. 

February 13, 2020