Please note that this office hour will be a 1:1 chat at Venture Café Rotterdam's location.

Please bear in mind that Slingshot Ventures invests in digital brands, consumer-centric platforms and marketplaces. We ask you to only book a slot if you fit this description. We might reach out to you in advance to get some additional information about your company.

If the description doesn't suit you (yet): please stop by at the open office hours instead from 17:00-18:00h to informally meet Slingshot Ventures!

About the session

Slingshot Ventures looks for inspirational leaders building digital love brands that fit their investment philosophy based on strong brands, happy customers and healthy margins.

They offer your team support on three specific domains, which are brand, talent and finance. If you are a perfect match they know they can make magic happen and shape the future of digital consumer life together with you.

Slingshot Ventures invests in:

  • Digital brands, consumer-centric platforms and marketplaces
  • Talented, ambitious & diverse teams
  • Seed, early & growth stage
  • Located in western Europe
  • Clear and understandable propositions
  • Disruptors in an established market

Slingshot has invested in, amongst many others: VanMoof, Boldking, Ace & Tate, Chronext, Check, Naduvi and The Fabricant.

The session will be hosted by:

About Slingshot Ventures

The ancient story of David and Goliath tells us how David overcame Goliath by being smarter and more versatile – using an unassuming slingshot to take out his victory. It shows that no matter how small, underdogs can challenge any giant… and come out on top if they just have the right tools and mindset.

This not only inspired our brand, but also what we do and who we act for. So we seek the Davids that are destined to disrupt, innovate and take over the business landscape with new ideas that change the future of digital consumer life.

Together, we can slingshot your venture ahead.

By connecting our portfolio brands to the right people, sharing our knowhow, and applying a little polish where it matters most, we turn contenders into champions.

We are Entrepreneurs-for-Entrepreneurs

We’re founded on entrepreneurialism, from our investors to our team. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that gives us the edge.

We invest from seed to growth

Much like Rome, lasting brands aren’t built in a day. We invest in you, and your growth opportunity. Starting from seed and going to 10 million, working in multiple rounds.

We provide clear partnership principles

Slingshot's partnership principles lay everything on the table. Our team has firsthand experience in brand, talent, finance and more.

April 21, 2022