Stress related illness such as burnout, are costing companies over €2,8bln annually (fd.nl) in the Netherlands alone. Burnout, is a growing problem in our society and is quickly becoming public disease #1. Burn-out however, is also a very complex clinical picture and the cause is often related to stress at work and/or in private life. Symptoms include for example panic attacks, heart palpitations, hyperventilation, tinnitus and inexplicable sore muscles.

It’s Latin for spiritual or inspiring emotion … Because, through simple and yet powerful sensitized feedback, you’ll perceive exactly what is happening in your body … in a completely new and inspiring way. This unique experience lets you regain control over your body and mind in normal and also stressful situations. This way Numinous is able to support existing treatments and therapies and can be used at home as well for exercise or personal training.

“At first I was hesitant to use it, but the realization that it was me all along was way more than surprising.” – Suzan (user)

Want to try?
What better place for that then the Venture Café meeting themed ‚ÄòShaping the future of the Dutch Life Sciences & Health-sector‚Äô? Come to our info-table, try out our prototypes and give us your feedback! Interested but no time to drop in? Join our crowdfunding campaign, designed to validate Numinous: https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/9627

Designer Stefanie Bonte and a development team powered by VANBLEND are now in search of validation of the prototypes that were made. Concept and prototype of Numinous are developed in co-creation by a strong alliance of patients, therapists, developers and the designer.

About Numinous Development Team
Designer Stefanie Bonte and VANBLEND teamed up to further develop Numinous.

December 12, 2019