Join us this week for an engaging discussion aimed at enhancing cybersecurity and privacy awareness for both individuals and organizations. This session is a special installment in observance of Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Discover the key insights into the digital threats associated with Social Media and Maps.

Session hosts: Sahil and Shravan Shah


NIO House, Meent 80, Rotterdam


  • 5pm – 5.30pm: Walk-in and welcome drink
  • 5.30pm – 6pm: Social Media and Cybersecurity
  • 6.15pm – 6.30pm: Privacy and Maps
  • 7pm – 7.30pm: Close & Networking/Socializing

Today’s subject 1/2: Social Media and Cybersecurity by Sahil Shah

This session will explore the critical intersection of social media and cybersecurity. Attendees will gain insights into the evolving threats posed by cybercriminals on social platforms, learn best practices for protecting personal and organizational data, and discover strategies for maintaining a secure online presence.

Today’s subject 2/2: Privacy and Maps by Shravan Shah

 In an increasingly interconnected world, the balance between location-based services and personal privacy is a critical topic. Over the next 30 minutes, we will explore the relationship between mapping technologies and safeguarding your personal data. Join us as we navigate the complexities of privacy in the digital cartographic age.

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