This week join us for an illuminating discussion that empowers individuals and their communities to embrace neurodiversity as a source of innovation and creativity. Learn how to navigate the complexities of a confusing and uncertain world with grace, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose. Session host: Rob Hutters!


NIO House, Meent 80, Rotterdam



  • 5pm – 5.30pm: Walk-in and welcome drink
  • 5.30pm – 7pm: Session
  • 7pm – 7.30pm: Close & Networking/Socializing

Today’s subject: Neurodiversity as a source of innovation and creativity by Rob Hutters

This session is a captivating talk that looks at the intersection of neurodivergence and human flourishing. Through a compassionate and empathetic lens, Rob Hutters will take you on a journey to understand the nuances of neurodiversity, revealing how diversity of experience can be turned into a competitive edge for businesses and individuals alike.

You will learn how to leverage your unique perspective, turning it into a powerful asset for personal growth and societal advancement. Learn to see through the eyes of the neurodivergent and experience a different way of being through a series of short experiments.

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