Join this session to learn how to unlock your full potential and uncover your authentic self! Today you’ll get a taste of what to expect from Baseline’s 12 hour training…

Baseline Academy is passionate about the transformative power of challenge and unleashing one’s full potential.

They see that more and more people are struggling with stress and the loss of their authentic selves. That’s why they were founded: to challenge people and push their limits.

Their 12-hour training, supervised by experienced former Special Forces operators, trainers and coaches, is designed to show you that you can do much more than you ever imagined.

They challenge you with mental and physical challenges, creating a new frame of reference of your possibilities. They teach you to become comfortable in uncomfortable situations and to find the inexhaustible mental strength within yourself, where you would normally stop.

Through confrontations with yourself and your limiting thoughts, the mask falls off and you discover who you really are at the core. “At Baseline Academy, we combine years of experience within the Special Forces with expertise in coaching, leadership and physiological expertise. This allows us to get the most out of you, both physically and mentally, as an individual and as a team.”


NIO House, Meent 80, Rotterdam


  • 5pm – 5.30pm: Walk-in and welcome drink
  • 5.30pm – 7pm: Session
  • 7pm – 7.30pm: Close & Networking/Socializing