A masterclass where you will learn why only 0,2% of founders are able to turn their impact startup into a scale up in the first 5 years. You will learn how to analyze and build your startup like a 'Scaling Founder' and why 54% of seed stage founders do experience a plateau in their growth after receiving their first investment. 

Every attendee will also get a voucher for a free startup scan or mentoring session.Branding a company or a personal brand is a key step to building a successful business operation. How we approach branding could greatly determine the trajectory of our entrepreneurial journey, and the fulfillment of our individual mission.

A well curated brand experience is no easy task. The amount of decisions that need to be made in the branding process can be overwhelming.

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Why does this take so long?
  • Could this process be simplified?
  • How do I know I am on the right track?

These are some of the questions that haunt us during the branding process.

In this session we try to find an answer to these questions by exploring a simple but expansive perspective to building a brand. We will discuss how we could confidently create a brand experience that represents us as individuals, and as business entities.