In this hot #cutthecrap session, Tony will share practical experiences with 1) his own ‘online plan b' working from home next to his day job and thousands of people working from home worldwide since 2001 and 2) his online survival plan since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020.

Session schedule:
1. Introduction.
2. Online trends since the start of Covid-19.
3. The Startup Model Canvas©.
4. My own online survival plan-b after the start of Covid-19.
5. The first thing YOU have to do.
6. Your bottom-line
7. Making money online.
8. Saving money online.
9. Lessons learned since 2001 and March 2020.

If you attend this session, you will receive a digital copy of the Startup Model Canvas¬© including short descriptions, so that you can pivot your AS-IS business model, your AS-IS organisation and your AS-IS bottom line quickly before it is too late. That digital copy will also including links to information how to define your own digital blue ocean strategy in the relevance economy (‘de betekeniseconomie').

About Tony de Bree Consulting, Training & Coaching
Tony de Bree worked 26 years in global banking and finance, including since 1997 in selecting and helping startups successfully (corporate venturing). In 2001 he started to make money online working from home with e-books like ‘The Internet Marketing Handbook', ‘Working From Home 4 Newbies', ‘Online Freelancing Secrets' & ‘Making Money Online'.
Since 2011, he is an independent business owner. He is a serial writer of finance blogs, e-books in English and Dutch and bestselling books on ‘staying small with ICT'. He is a high energy facilitator and an experienced Dragon.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, he helps corporates and SMEs to define and implement the right digital survival strategy and survival plan for their company including splitting-up, outsourcing and stopping.

March 4, 2021
Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!