KPMG Innovation’s strong belief is that innovation is largely achieved through collaboration. In this day and age the possibilities of many technologies far exceed the ability of any one firm to capitalize on them.

The key to competitive advantage is no longer to optimize value chains, but to extend capabilities through collaboration, either directly or through platforms. In this networked world, the best way to become a dominant player is to be an indispensable partner.

We have vast experience in the design, set-up and execution of collaborative innovation programmes and will work side by side with you to make yours a success. Our innovation team has aided clients in connecting to over 1000 startups and scaleups and unlocking the knowledge of over 15000 corporate innovators.

About KPMG Innovation
We work with clients to innovate together. We define innovation as generating value and making sure you stay relevant. In all our approaches we work side by side with our clients and focus on making and measuring impact.

November 28, 2019