Is your company growing? Is it time to change your company’s legal form? To bv or not to bv, that’s the question! In this presentation we tell you how you can optimize the financial and legal health of your company. We will talk about tax facilities for growing companies, like investment benefits and the innovation box. And, we will highlight checks for administration, staff, financing and insurance affairs, giving you a solid base to grow your company.

The following components are covered in the presentation:

1. To BV or not to BV, that’s the question.
- Importance of correct legal form
- Advantages and disadvantages of the eenmanszaak
- Liability
- Other legal forms

2. Tax facilities/grants
- Investment benefits
- Middeling
- WBSO/innovatiebox
- DGA Salary / cost reimbursements
- Grants

3. Health check.
- Administration still up-to-date
- Insurances still up-to-date
- Hiring staff/employees
- Financing aspects

About Syncount
Syncount is an all-round accountant and tax office consisting of highly trained accountants, tax advisers, corporate lawyers and financial experts.

January 16, 2020