During this webinar, Mart Evers, co-founder of content marketing agency The Story Network, will help you to get started (again). He will explain why stories work so well, where to find ideas and how to make stories yourself in any form you wish. Whether you're starting your own company, are looking for new clients, or looking for that perfect job… it's all about storytelling!

These topics are covered:
- What is storytelling and why is it important?
- How to find interesting topics that your audience will love?
- How to create and spread your stories?
- How to adjust your topics during a crisis?
- Q&A

About The Story Network
Every organization has great stories to tell. How do you dig up those stories and attract your audience’s attention? How do you get more brand awareness, new contacts and, yes, sales from them?

You’re looking for strategy, creativity and measurable results. Because blogs, interviews, infographics, videos, podcasts or social media posts are only valuable if you know what results they bring you. (Otherwise it is just an expensive hobby.)

The Story Network does that for you. In a good way.

October 1, 2020