It’s the time of the year we get the feeling of a fresh start. When everyone is setting New Year’s Resolutions and Goals.

But a fresh start is not always a new goal; relationship, job, more money. It’s a new mindset. Because that’s what helps us to create or stops us from creating the results we want in life.

Increase your self-knowledge, increase your chance for growth and success!

Join us at 18:30 on Thursday the 16th of January and learn:

✔️What makes you - you
✔️What blocks you
✔️How to increase your self-knowledge & get the foundation for growth and success in 2020

About This Is Happiness Coaching
Ewa is a certified coach, speaker, DISC trainer, and the founder of TIH Coaching.

With her qualifications, skills, and experience, she is dedicated to helping people achieve growth, fulfillment, and happiness in their personal and professional life.

She helps individuals and teams with Personalized Coaching, DISC assessment (1:1 or group), training and workshops to:

- Increase self-knowledge: understand a person's unique personality, strengths, blind spots
- Discover individual communication style: become a better communicator, speaker, or leader
- Increase sales in business by identifying and responding to customer styles
- Identify personal motivation, ideal work environment, and style
- Learn how to minimize or prevent conflict & stress
- Improve personal & professional relationships
- Become a more self-aware and confident individual
- Clarify purpose, values, goals, and vision
- Create an action plan, strategy and accountability to implement it

January 16, 2020
Venture Café Rotterdam is currently on pause. We'll be back soon!