Let's talk the Future of Human Capital!

"Talent" is a corner stone of the new startup policy of the City of Rotterdam as launched during #RCD19 Launch Event (info and tickets here) as well as a pillar of Venture Café Rotterdam's programming.

Therefore during this keynote session, we aim to demystify the future of human capital. With a war on talent and many vacancies at growing companies, we would like to showcase what great initiatives are happening to solve this and how equal opportunities for all are created at both the city of Rotterdam and the rest of the Netherlands.

During this keynote we will take different angles on the subject:
- Attracting, retaining & developing the best talent for startups & scale-ups;
- Building a bridge between economic and technical education; and
- Creating (technical) education more accessible to everyone.

Our speakers will give a short keynote around these subjects, followed by a panel discussion.

Meet the Speakers of the Keynote Session

Speaker: Dr. Ing. André Schiele (Director at X Laboratory) is an inventor, entrepreneur and founding Director of the "X Laboratory” in Rotterdam, a novel and secretive high-tech firm that develops robotic solutions for a sustainable future (www.deltaxlab.com). André’s background in academia (former Assoc. Professor at TU Delft) and in high-tech government research institutes (former European Space Agency) has led him to gain significant experience in finding, educating and nurturing outstanding talent. During the Talent Night, he will share his views on what talent is, on what it is that attracts and fascinates the best of the best, and on how he plans to nurture existing and new talent in the Rotterdam region.

Speaker: Eva De Mol (Managing Partner at CapitalT)
With a Ph.D. in Economics and plenty of experience studying entrepreneurial team dynamics, Eva has discovered the science behind putting together a great team – a team that can build a successful business. “When VCs invest in a company, they make sure to do their due diligence on the financial side of the business and they do so in a structured and a data-driven manner. But when it comes to evaluating the team itself, most of the decisions are based on gut feel,” she says.
CapitaIT is an early-stage venture capital (VC) fund investing in software technology companies. More importantly, though, they invest in brilliant teams.

Speaker: Ramon Landman (Director at Ingenieurs op Zuid), a die-hard tech lover (38), did everything in his potential as scientist and engineer to make technical systems perform optimally. He then made a U-turn during coaching training, when his interest got sparked by people, talent and leadership. That is why, as the director of Ingenieurs-op-Zuid (engineering office), he works with tech guys who grew up on the South bank of Rotterdam and mostly have lesser job prospects and require ‘social activation'. Due to his leadership style, he and his team are able to tackle technical (societal) problems in an effective way that pay's off not only on a financial scale but foremostly for his people. In his keynote, he's happily sharing insights that have enabled him to transition with Ingenieurs-op-Zuid from a start-up to a professional ever-growing company.

Speaker & Moderator: Travis Sheridan (President at CIC/Venture Café Global Institute) will focus on global trends in talent acquisition, the Venture Café Talent Portal, and initiatives such as Roxbury Innovation Center. Travis will moderate the panel discussion, that will take place after the keynote speeches.

September 19, 2019