It seems as though loud people rule the world. It’s as if whomever is the loudest and the most present, will get the most done. Even when it comes to managerial positions. Because introversion and leadership are not usually directly linked. And that is a missed opportunity for the introverted man or woman who is less likely to take career steps. And for the organization because an introvert has unique and extremely valuable leadership qualities.

In her book, Introverted Leadership, Karolien Koolhof shows what that kind of leadership looks like. Based on the experiences of thirty introverted leaders from home and abroad, she offers introverts insight into their unique strengths and lets extroverts dwell on misconceptions surrounding introversion and leadership. She also gives concrete tips to both introverted leaders and their extroverted colleagues. Karolien wrote this book based on her own research among 400 introverted leaders worldwide. In addition to talent, she also highlights the cultural aspect of introversion, offering a more complete picture than many other books on introversion and contributing more to mutual understanding and diversity in the workplace.

During this Venture Café session, Karolien will tell about her research and will share some insights from the book. Of course there's plenty of space to ask questions!

About Quiet Quality
Karolien Koolhof (MA / MBA) is the founder of Quiet Quality and is specialized in coaching introverted professionals. She is an introvert herself and has held various managerial positions in the Dutch media industry. For her MBA, she did research on introverted leadership.

March 4, 2021