Innovation is looking for pilot companies

In-person session

February 27, 2020 | 17:00 - 19:00

We have an innovation for you! IF…

- you own a startup with one or more colleagues;
- you would like to have a national number for your company;
- and you want to answer, forward and manage incoming calls with your mobile phone.

We are launching Cloudio: the next generation telephony system, in your pocket, on your mobile phone, in an app. No VoIP accounts or fixed phones needed.

What do you get? What do we expect?

We offer you a free 2 months trial with Cloudio, giving you ownership of a 085 number. In return, we receive your experiences using the Cloudio app.


Cloudio is a new Dutch company, a start-up, originated from ASK-Fast. ASK-Fast, based in Rotterdam, was founded in 2005 and exploits a unified communications platform. ASK-Fast creates, develops and brings smart communication concepts to the market.

February 27, 2020