Humans have known about climate change and its impact for about 30 years and most of the construction materials and technologies, such as concrete and steel, were produced more than 150 years ago.

Therefore, they did not produce to mitigate the climate crisis.

4 OMID aims to enable locals to mitigate the climate crisis by producing affordable, circular, & climate resilient buildings. 

Intelligent Portable Systems produce modular Circular Bio-composite Blocks & Bricks at farms. 

With two CBc Blocks & Bricks, locals are able to construct buildings & disassemble them to build new ones, without creating waste.

4 OMID licenses the systems to companies such as Caterpillar. Royalty: €15K per-unit-sale basis. 

Climate-kic invested in us and we are looking for €1 M credit by Q2 2023 to develop MVP, do standard tests & build a pilot project. 

4 OMID is the only Dutch company among the 15 companies from 14 other countries which will present the idea, prototypes, and MVPs (Circular Built Environment), during the Circular Economy Day in Berlin, on December 9th.

During this info table you will know more about what we will present in Berlin, ahead of time!

December 1, 2022