A sustainable future for all requires the participation of every member of society!


Adopting new initiatives and processes does not guarantee a shift in culture on their own – unless efforts are made to change behaviors. Individual actions must work in conjunction with systemic change to ensure a sustainable future in which people can live a life of dignity and prosperity on a healthy planet. Behavior changes through play & actionable commitments.


By Artemis 010 we aim to raise citizens, companies, and the cities’ engagement in the UN and European targets such as the circular economy and the New European Bauhaus! The “Artemis 010” takes citizens, companies, and the city on a Twenty Four Months journey in an immersive environment, in which they practice waste free and emission neutral principals by play, making circular sculptures, and Three Circular Pyramids with their fiber bio-waste such as paper.


What we will do today

At this info table, you play with 4Omid’s circular bricks (Prototypes, scale 1:10) and build your own circular sculptures. A great way to trigger your creative brain, and it also offers a different way of connecting with other Venture Café visitors!


If you find it interesting, you could even join the journey by your commitment for providing a kilo of paper waste. Companies and the City could engage in this impact journey by providing a place to build the sculptures and paying 99 Euros for producing Five Circular Bricks for every participant to play with.

4Omid aims to reach more than 6.000 participants to produce 31.318 circular bricks for building three pyramids (162cm, 324cm, 648cm) in Rotterdam.

After two years, each participant receives 5 Circular Bricks to plant them and grow fruit trees.


After a decade, we will enjoy free fruits in Rotterdam!

September 15, 2022