Are you a potential co-founder we are looking for?

HarvestCare is looking for a commercial co-founder that can use their creative power to develop financial models and business strategies.

Passion and being driven by a mission of regeneration of landscapes and people’s health is a necessity in the work that HarvestCare is engaging in.

HarvestCare is part of the Fresh Venture Incubator Program in Blue City, Rotterdam.

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Our vision of food and healthcare

HarvestCare strives for a world where food and healthcare are intricately linked; governments and healthcare professionals understand this link clearly and regularly include healthy, nutrient-dense food in health incentives and health interventions.

Every individual has access to food pharmacies where they can access affordable, nutrient-dense food grown from agro-ecological approaches and tailored to their particular needs.

Farmers have begun to prioritize nutritional density and impacts on human health due to the increasing demand for such produce and the regenerative practices necessary to create them.

This broader shift has driven a holistic awareness in the average person, incentivized them to take a consistent interest in the contents of their food, as well as where and how it’s grown. Using food as an entry point, people take a more proactive and preventative approach to their health and wellbeing.

November 24, 2022