Which Rotterdam Businesswoman deserves a podium?

In 2023, the Rotterdam Business Women Foundation will organise the Rotterdam Business Woman of the Year election for the 6th time in a row. The election is there to help women in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond region to get more publicity for their company, to encourage them to continue to develop themselves and become more visible.

The Business Woman of the Year in Rotterdam is an example for other women and someone they can mirror. Participating is more important than winning!

Just by participating you make yourself visible and you can learn from the other business women. You show that you take yourself and your company / career seriously and you can be proud of that!

Do you want to participate in the next edition? Or give up another Rotterdam Businesswoman for this? That is now possible on this website!

Please note: there are some criteria for each category, which you can read here (in Dutch). Or stop by at this info table to pose any question you may have!

March 9, 2023
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