Greetings Venture Cafe Rotterdam, 💡There are many aspiring founders among us with brilliant ideas worth lucrative opportunities or businesses with scaling potential that are unrealized. A contributing factor to this is the lack of mentorship and education to eliminate these issues. This is why the European Research Council has sponsored Erasmus University Rotterdam and Università Bocconi to join forces and tackle this head-on! The top ranking universities of Europe have designed an effective and practical 3 month course encompassing 6 physical modules that plunge participants straight into action from session 1, starting January 28th. The modules are cohesively designed to push the limits of a conventional classroom by equipping participants with the necessary knowledge base to make informed decisions and the right skillset to exploit innovative business opportunities. The program will be offered both in English and in Dutch and will be delivered by experienced instructors coming from the Dutch startup scene. 🌐Each participant will leave with an accredited certificate upon completion and a lifetime network of inspiring founders. The best part? This course will be offered completely free of charge to candidates. Apply now before December 12th to not miss out on this international entrepreneurial effort: https://lnkd.in/ejQcZBzk
December 2, 2021