Hieroo is a local consulting firm, founded in 2019 and now in a scale-up phase. We are young consultants who work on local consultancy projects in Rotterdam.

We are working every day on a better tomorrow’s city. Our people: Committed, sincere, free, innovative, and enterprising. We act effectively and professionally in change and organizational improvement. What we do: We offer a two-year traineeship to local, recently graduated talents that have love for Rotterdam.

Our young consultants work on consultancy projects in all kinds of sectors in the region. We bring change and improvement in the form of project support, process optimalization, data research and more. We are connected with our city and care about social issues.

Apart from the consultancy projects, we work on our Community Challenge – a social impact project that aims to tackle a social issue in Rotterdam every year. We organize meet-ups with relevant themes to build a network of young professionals.

We collaborate with Emma at Work in guiding young people with chronical diseases in reaching their goals and ambitions.

June 2, 2022