Tanneke Barendregt talks about photographic works and installations by Harry Sengers and his exhibition in the Verhalenhuis. She is bringing one of his artworks with her and looks forward to your reactions!


From 10 October to 10 December, Verhalenhuis Belvédère presents the exhibition ‘In search of Sengers’, an exhibition with the stories, installations and photographic works of Rotterdam visual artist Harry Sengers (1948 – 2015). Harry Sengers collected objects that he incorporated into installations and “still lifes”. He then made photos of the still lifes.

This ‘city archaeologist of the 20th century’ said in a portrait for Moois TV: “I cycle a lot through the city, with a very large bag on the back, and when I see things that I find interesting, I take them with me. I have an idea in my head of a story that I want to make, then I look for it, for objects that belong to it.”

November 11, 2021