My name is Daniël-Michel Saptenno and through this way I would like to introduce my work and myself.


I am a self-taught artist from Rotterdam. Ever since my childhood I have been making different types of art such as graffiti, paintings and since recently screen printing. I would like to think of my work as modern and colorful. To create beautiful art that everybody can enjoy, is my passion.


It is my pleasure to show you during this exhibition, my latest art project namely my paintings and screen prints of Moluccan stamps. From my point of view, stamps symbolize connection and love between people all over the world.


Due to my roots my work is mostly inspired by Moluccan stamps in particular. I anticipate that people can appreciate my work for its beauty and that it initiates a conversation about Moluccan history and culture in an open and loving way. Hopefully my work will also provide connection.


September 15, 2022
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