Airturb is contributing to a sustainable future for planet earth by making wind energy practical, applicable and affordable for everyone and everywhere. With the support of earth’s infinite resources, let’s reduce our footprint and generate sustainable energy where and whenever possible.

We are an ethically established company with strong core principles:

  • Integrity: Open and transparant communication and engagement
  • Quality: Always aiming for the highest quality materials, products and services
  • Skill & Speed: Always improve and anticipate on the future


The Airturb Model One 2022 Edition is an investment in next generations. Knowing where your energy comes from, investing in the improvement of the technology and having a little more independence. Making a local impact by converting wind into useable energy where and whenever possible.

Flexibility in location: the Airturb should be placed where the wind is at its best. With its light and flexible design, the Airturb is suitable for any flat roof. Complete product: With the complete set, we make it possible for both consumers and companies to generate wind energy locally. Friendly for everyone: the Airturb is both vibration-free and silent. In addition, the Airturb is nature-friendly and designed to be appealing for urban and rural environments.


We want to ensure that the earth can “breathe” again. To be able to continue to “breathe” together, we have to compensate for deforestation by planting more trees. We contribute to this solution by planting one tree for each produced Airturb. All of our used materials are chosen to be recyclable and we reuse our “material-waste” to create awesome new products for different applications. In addition, we support clean-up projects aimed at plastic waste, go regularly on a “Trash Hunt” and participate in the “World Clean-Up Day”. Want to know more about what you can do to help us on our journey?

Visit our website or contact us for more information! www.airturb.com

September 29, 2022
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