The surging interest in emotional intelligence and the rise of a new order of female leadership is mirrored by new findings like the ‘Mother brain' in neuroscience. We function best with whole brain processes which require both aspects of feminine and masculine qualities and skills. First though, our feminised emotional centre must evolve to match the overdrive of the masculinised left hemispheric thinking and its logical rational procedures. How can we ‘feminise our businesses so they have heart while achieving "the bottom line" ?

Social impact, heartbased conscious leadership, intuition, relationship building and interpersonal skills are needed to attract and sustain good client and colleague bonds. To help secure deeper human connections in a hyperstimulated world overun by technology and impersonalised interconnectedness, this human touch is a growing need for business to succeed.
These skills all come from our ‘feminine capital', feminising the politics of our own identities and our eventual success.

Women of Truth helps to return to us all the truth of the powerful legacy of women and femininity, so we can harness the nurturing, intuitive, compassionate sides of our personalities in business. When we integrate this ‘feminised' skillset along with the action based masculine aspects that contain, analyse and rationalise, decision making and leadership revolutionise. This is like a marriage between science and art, a dance between the polarities of our world and our existence, a return back to wholeness.

November 14, 2019