Cold introductions are always difficult to navigate. But in the age of COVID, you have very few options to get your foot in the door.

I know how frustrating cold outreach can be, especially when you switch industries, embark on a new career journey, and move to a completely new country.

Each time I restarted my career, I had to build a professional network from scratch. The third time I spent 9 months sending applications, outreach, and portfolios via cold email. None of that communication turned into warm relationships.

Eventually I gave up (or so I thought). I tried a completely different method of writing emails because the outreach felt so pointless. I didn’t think anyone cared about what I had to offer.

And sure enough, that’s when I started getting responses.

If you want to write emails that:

- put meetings on your calendar with clients
- land you in the first round of interviews
- foster relationships with future investors
- get replies from decision makers

Then please join this workshop!

About Sterling Schuyler
As a copy writer and marketing consultant, I help early stage founders with their written materials such as cold emails, pitch decks, website copy, press releases, blogs, articles, and newsletters to establish their brand voice and authority.

November 12, 2020