Adriënne furnishes spaces with art that provides added business value by putting people first. This is in line with the modern approach towards social return, where design and organization of companies facilitate the wellbeing of employees and visitors.
Through practical experience and her sense of recognition, Adrienne’s art creates an environment where people can relax from a busy, exigent environment during short breaks. It is a proven fact that short breaks improve productivity and creativity. The playful but tranquil movements, reflections and colorful projections of her work provides a sense of comfort.
If isolation is a threat to innovation, then meeting is a condition for innovation. Adriennes work not only provides an atmosphere that invites people to stay and exchange ideas but can also be a conversation starter when meeting new people. The design of her work, that can be customized to specific demand, helps deliver the message of any company or organization.
Take a break out, come and experience in this interactive session how you can broaden your perspectives in an accessible atmosphere.

About Art Works Well

Art Works Well is the company of Adriënne Rombout, a spatial designer. Art Works Well creates circular designs which improve the wellbeing of people.
The latest design is ‘Ezze’, an object of visual art which may be best described as an artistic
curtain of light. Always in motion, Ezze reflects and redirects light in mesmorizing patterns,
transforming a room into a space where people can relax and re-energize.
Ezze can be installed as a room divider, or as eyecatcher in an reception hall. Typical applications are waiting- and meeting rooms. It’s size and design can be customized to meet specific requirements. The name Art Works Well describes the key value which it offers: creating art which improves the wellbeing of employees, clients and visitors of companies and organizations.

February 6, 2020