Whether you are a life, executive, agile coach, HR professional or people specialist coaching others this is a continuous developing skill. Having a safe and confidential space to reflect on your clients or teams which is not connected to your workspace allows you to get perspective on the different relationship in coaching. It can help you develop both professionally and personally, help you stay focused and non-judgemental, resolve ethical issues and deal with boundary management.

You are expected to be able to share your emotion, be able to reflect on your own experience and welcome constructive feedback. Although giving advice and sharing tools/techniques is helpful to any coach, this workshop will not focus on this.

Amaranatho has been a coaching supervisor for the last five years and is now accrediting as coaching supervisor with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). They recommend 1 hour of supervision per 35 hours of practice, ensuring a minimum of 4 hours per year, evenly distributed if possible

About PlayfulMonk
If you are dealing with complex situations that impact on your performance that sometimes keep you up at night, affects your relationships then the PlayfulMonk
approach will bring you clarity, calm, connection and transformation.

September 3, 2020